What are essential oils?

Essential oils are substances produced by aromatic plants and are a product of their metabolism. These substances contain hundreds of different molecules that have a specific pourposes like acting as repellents or attracting pollinators, heal wounds to their structures or for communication. The vegetable kingdom has subtle and sophisticated way to communicate with their environment by discharging substances in different ways and not all of those are aromatic. However, a countless number of plants evolved to produce aromatic compounds and liberate them to the air for a specific outcome.

Throughout human history, man has recognized the potential of those aromatic plants and used them to take care of his body, his mood, and even his spirit and then extended its uses to his house and his belongings since they have a direct impact on his well-being.

Today, we findd these extracts in a wide offer and assortment but this has also been used to exploit this industry in the form of artificial substances or synthesized in laboratories or adulterations with substances foreign to plants. When we use essential oils for our health care, we should look for serious and reliable producers who deliver a pure and high-quality product, it is the least we can do for ourselves.

In the past, essential oils were not extracted as such, men used the part of the plant that was most aromatic or prepared infusions or macerations as a rudimentary extraction. Technological development has allowed other, more sophisticated types of obtention, such as steam distillation or cryogenic distillation with CO2 (carbon dioxide), although the most delicate and expensive oils still require traditional processes such as enfleurage, a technique that uses animal fat as a base.

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Have you used essential oils as a preventive tool to care for your health?