Pulls, tears and contractures

The first time I attended doTERRA’s European convention, I learned that rose oil helps a lot in cases of contractures. Since then I became my go to oil in those cases. This property is the result of the high content of esters (citronellol, geraniol and nerol) in this essential oil so it is relaxing and provides support in case of pain, it also stimulates the production of collagen fibres in the skin.

A week ago I was part of a car accident, luckily it was nothing serious and there was only minor damage to the rear of the car. The noise of the impact was spectacular and even the other vehicle made us spin a little.
Physically there was no greater impact than a light pull on the neck and shoulder.
Energetically I felt that all the subtle bodies and energy centers were out of place but it didn’t last long.

Fortunately, I hadn’t done my yoga session yet, so before starting I applied the doterra soothing blend (Deep blue) and immediately began my yoga routine. Obviously I did not force the movements and I paid attention to my body messages at all times to limit the positions so that it was comfortable and possible for me to complete the exercise.
At the end of the session, in addition to the physical relaxation of the Savasana, I allowed myself to relax the subtle bodies and cry. I let go of the emotions and energies related to the accident. I was deeply grateful for the whole experience and went to take a bath during which I also took advantage of the healing power of water to totally release anything that might have remained and rearrange my energy.

I finished my self-care routine by applying rose oil and more of the soothing blend to my neck, shoulder, and lower back. I did it slowly, cuddling myself. I repeated it several times a day and those two oils stayed with me for the whole week. There was no inflammation and only a little discomfort remained from a reminiscence of muscle memory, from a shoulder tear I had more than 10 years ago when I did not yet have such a vast collection of essential oils.
The day after the accident I joined the autumn meditation that helped me rearrange my subtle bodies and release everything that has already fulfilled its function.

Source: IG @monmaroils

This time, I understood in depth what I already knew from the energetic-emotional description of these two oils:

Rose. Divine love.
This essential oil possesses the highest vibration among them all and is a powerful healing agent for the heart. It invites individuals to open up and receive divine benevolence in all its manifestations. We let go of everything to simply receive divine love.

Emociones esenciales

Deep blue. Surrender to pain
It assists us when we resist or avoid emotions that cause us physical pain. It offers us the strength to face our wounds without judging them, allowing them to resurface to transform and heal.

Emociones esenciales

How much love do you show to yourself? Do you practice unconditional love as you take care of your body? Do you choose to avoid your emotions and the pain they cause you? Do you choose to heal?