phi: the perfect proportion between the part and the whole

φ (phi o fi) greek letter representing the Golden ratio. It is an important number in science, arts and medicine and it is present everywhere in nature.
The whole is the sum of its parts, and when the part is in a precise and constant ratio in relation to the whole, then the part and the whole are perfect reflections of eachother. Like fractals or like the mathematical or geometric proportions we find in nature.

Olea: essential oils

Latin word for oil.
Essential oils are volatile aromatic substances extracted from plants traditionally used as healing remedies and which medicinal, therapeutic or relaxing are collected and concentrated in the oils.

A perfect drop, a drop of consciousness

Essential oils are made up of hundreds of different substances produced by plants. Each substance, regardles of the amounts present in the essential oil, contributes to the effectiveness of the compound as a whole. Although in each essential oil there are one or two compounds of higher concentration, each drop contains all the necessary parts and in the right proportion to make it perfect and transmit a positive effect to the environment.
In the same way, each of us is a perfect tiny part of Creation. Our essence, that divine particle within us, is like a perfect drop of consciousness.


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These are my notes that I lovingly share with anyone willing to learn about aromatherapy and Consciousness.

You will find notes about my experiences using essential oils and the awakening to Consciousness, basic tips and suggestions for the use of essential oils, about the chemistry or the principles by which they work and how they interact with our body, mind and emotions.

Also some reflections, practices and information about consciousness and the path I followed in my search for well-being and recovering my power to feel loved and find peace of mind.