There are as many paths to wellness as there are people on Earth.
The expansion of consciousness is an individual work that may or may not include accompaniment, depending on each individual’s experimentation, and can be applied to all areas of our lives. Part of this process is healing, but the effects go beyond physical and emotional well-being.
The expansion of consciousness is based on choosing constantly to generate or modify reality according to what is the best from the individual point of view. Self-knowledge is key in this process, it allows us to realize our potential, recognize ourselves and regain our power. For many it would seem like a therapeutic session, however we move energy and access the quantum field of infinite possibilities through different techniques such as meditation, the use of the imagination or visualizations and an endless number of different tools to heal by releasing emotions, programmings, beliefs and everything that prevents us from Being.


Coaching on Consciousness expansion

  • Assessment through conversation, establishment of the issues to be addressed, setting clear goals, homework and exercises with different tools, definition of the duration of the process (one or several sessions) with the purpose of expanding consciousness, closure.
  • 50 minutes
  • Face-to-face (check availability near you) or on line (Zoom, Meet, Telegram, FaceTime)


  • Using different oracle decks, we focus on 1 or 2 questions or topics for which you want guidance. Or simply receive a message that brings clarity about a situation or direction in your life.
  • 75 minutes
  • Face-to-face (Polanco or Roma) or online (Zoom, Meet, Telegram, FaceTime)
  • Essential oil card for energetic-emotional support (optional)

Business session

  • Focus on business, this session addresses only business issues and the dynamics are suitable for small teams. Solutions and strategies using business tools from the consciousness perspective. Its is structured in a similar way as an individual sessión but
  • Individual or for small teams
  • Max 120 minutes
  • Face-to-face (Mexico city: Polanco o Roma) or on-line (Zoom, Meet, Telegram, FaceTime)
  • $1200

Individual meditation session

  • Tailored session focused on developing the practice and improving the quality of life through a simple tool such as meditation. We address one or more issues and set practice goals to establish a habit. Although similar to an individual Consciousness expansion session it’s more an individual meditation class than a coaching session.
  • Tailored
  • Number of sessions according to the each case requirements and progress (options: 1, 2 or 4 sessions per month)
  • 5 minute follow up weekly call
  • 50 minutes
  • Face-to-face (Mexico city: Polanco o Roma) or on-line (Zoom, Meet, Telegram, FaceTime)

Group session

  • It happens in a similar way to an individual or family session except that we share the experience with people outside of our closest circle.
  • 120-180 minutes depending on the topic
  • Face-to-face only (Mexico city, check for availability near you)
  • Minimal attendance 5 persons2
  • Dates will be announced by email and other platforms just like the classes and courses
  • Individual contribution: to be defined depending on the topic
Meditation (1/mes)$900
Meditation (2/mes)$1500
Meditation (4/mes)$2400
Group sessionto be announced
*MXN, for other currencies please click here.

2 Minimum required number of attendees, if there is no quorum, the session will be rescheduled.